VAT Refund

VAT Refund

VAT (Value Added Tax), is a tax that is charged on most business transactions in the European Union. Businesses add VAT to the price they charge when they provide goods and services to both business customers and final consumers. Business customers are entitled to recover the VAT they pay on their purchases in most cases. VAT as a tax is charged to final consumers, in a similar way that sales tax is payable by consumers in the USA. It makes perfect sense to ensure pay-back of legally recoverable VAT from another EU Member State with which you trade - whatever the size of your organization. We are your One Stop Shop for VAT recovery in Bulgaria and in all the European Union.

We manage and secure your VAT refunds in 28 European Member States.


If you are already registered for VAT in a Member State of the European Union and in certain situations, you may buy goods or services directly in another european MS  for which most probably you will be asked to pay VAT. This should not happen if you buy goods for intra-community trade, but it may apply if, for example, you take part in a trade exhibition or your trucks are refueling from gas-stations.

In such situations you may be able to reclaim the VAT from the TAX authorities if:

  • the VAT was paid on goods or services for your business;
  • you do not make taxable supplies in the other country; and
  • you have no place of business or other residence there.


Procedure for VAT Refund

To apply for VAT refund, you have to ensure that your invoices containing the following information as minimum invoice number and purchasing date. 


You will save time and money, using our highly knowledgeable VAT refund services! Contact us immediately!

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